Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Organic Beauty

Organic natural beauty is a precious gift and yet it is completely unappreciated and misunderstood. In a world where people are constantly bombarded with commercials telling them which cool new makeup to wear or which new vibrant glowing shampoo to buy, it's no wonder that men and women often feel inadequate and insecure about their appearance. True natural beauty isn't found in a bottle of shampoo that's loaded with 5,000 petro-chemicals and irritants. True natural beauty is found in a mint leaf or a lemongrass plant. Chemically laden perfume and cosmetics are not the solution to having youthful wonderful beauty. There's nothing beautiful or sexy about a product that contains a toxic soup of chemicals. True beauty is a mixture of sandalwood oil, rose hips oil, lemongrass oil, and sap moss extract oil that when mixed form a wonderful blend that creates a silky beautiful shampoo and cheek blush color that enliven the skin cells, not suffocate them. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs everything you put on it. It's wise then to only put earth-friendly healthy plant pigments on your skin so your internal organs are safe and healthy.

Turn off your television and put away the stinky perfume magazines. Either take some time to go on the Internet and learn how to live in a non-toxic earth-friendly manner or drive to the nearest health food store and learn about earth-friendly products that are safe enough to drink and won't destroy your organs and skin cells.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Green Organic Mama Laundry

As a new Mama, life has changed profoundly for me and I'm enjoying and cherishing every moment with my now three month-old little one.  I've been an organic green Earth Steward for more than 20 years and today, my responsibility as a Mama has added much more strength and conviction to my healthy green choices.  As I write this, I'm doing a load of laundry for my beautiful wonderful eight-month-old son, Michelangelo, the loving light of my life.  Although it was a wonderful generous blessing to receive baby clothing donations from the hospital where I gave birth to him, it is a painful reflection of the toxic ignorant world we live in that all the clothing has an overpowering smell of toxic detergent and fragrance. 

It's very painful, but fortunately, my green laundry method helps to mitigate it and my baby's health is safely protected.  Baking soda and white distilled vinegar are two of the most wonderful blessings ever to touch my life and I'm very deeply grateful for the discovery!  I'm hoping and praying that more people will wake up and realize the importance of greening their life via the important messages in my blog and my notperfume website.  Please see the link to my notperfume website on the bottom right side panel on this blog.  Thank you.  Greening your life isn't just about protecting Mother Earth/Gaia.  It's also about protecting your family's health, especially your children, and keeping their air safe and healthy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Using Toxic Scented Detergent In Rural Settings Is An Insult To Mother Nature

My family moved from the city to a rural area a week ago, looking forward to clean air, quiet, and a lot of lovely nature.  Much to our chagrin, we painfully discovered that the washing machine that is on the property that is shared by several occupants was used by a couple people who used to live here and they used toxic scented commercial detergent.  We discovered this when we lifted the lid of the machine to check it to see if it smelled.  We bowed our heads, feeling very disheartened, and I shook my head, realizing that once again I'd have to run a couple loads with white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and my 2 magical laundry solution balls, before the machine would be safe to use.  I've lost count of how many times I've had to do this in other places we've lived, especially rural settings.  We find it very disheartening and aggravating that people who intentionally live in a rural setting to enjoy being away from the city madness and enjoy quiet and nature continue to use commercial scented detergent that clearly pollutes the groundwater and the air and hurts the wildlife.  Thank goodness there are people like my husband and myself who are aware and enlightened and vote with our wallets in a healthy sane green manner.  We've been using vinegar and baking soda for 20 years and we continue to enjoy efficient healthy clean results.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm wondering...does anyone who visits this blog live in an off-grid self-sufficient home with an heirloom vegetable garden and herb garden? With all the horrors going on with Monsanto and corp. America in general and adequate healthy eating being of serious concern, I'm surprised that more people aren't coming together with other like minds to live cooperatively and harmoniously and communally in this sane manner.