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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Scents: Sexy or Not So Sexy"

I'd like to share an article I wrote about the subject of organic beauty. This is the article that inspired my e-book, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity. Originally, I wrote this article to raise awareness about this vital issue and I made a strong effort to get it published in magazines. In October, 2003, Scents: Sexy or Not So Sexy was published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Edition. I've edited the e-book since the article was published, but for the most, the theme and content are the same. Please read the article to get a good taste of what the e-book is about. Please click on the following link to read the article:

Enjoy reading and thank you for your interest.

"Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity"

                                                 (Please see some positive book reviews below.)

Clean, green, and organic are sexy, healthy, wonderful, and hot!

Toxic unhealthy potentially harmful petro-chemicals are not!

I wrote this e-book to teach people how to enjoy organic non-toxic earth-friendly beauty and cleanliness, completely free of toxic potentially harmful petro-chemicals and irritants. Many years of thorough research via print and information on the Internet have provided me with much vital information that helped me write this important e-book. I also used my own personal experience as guidance and inspiration. The only reason why this information may be perceived as a mysterious secret is because alternative information like this is primarily available through alternative media sources . This vital e-book is great and helpful if you want to be able to enjoy healthy beauty without compromising your health or your wallet. If you use Clickbank, please order the e-book here: More Info.

I am offering a special deal. If you order this e-book NOW, I will include a FREE copy of another non-fiction health e-book I wrote, entitled, You Can Have Your Cheesecake Too! Fitness Made Simple, which normally sells for $8.95. This e-book is full of great simple easy healthy ideas for enjoying healthy plant-based vegetarian nutrition and easy to learn simple fitness exercises that will help you feel and look great and more youthful! Please send me an e-mail NOW for more information: If you use paypal, please send me $8.95 and order this e-book at: Many Blessings! Thank you.

Please read what readers are saying about Keep Your Vanity without Losing Your Sanity:

This literate, well-researched, and unique little book is just what the (integrative) doctor ordered for a woman already suffering from Environmental Illness (EI) or seeking to avoid it: A little Bible of how to look and smell good using non-toxic products and methods, while adapting your attitudes about appearance so that vanity doesn’t destroy you.

When a woman is already EI, she’s often deemed plain crazy for seeking safe cosmetics to substitute for the missing Maybelline while cleaning out the nest, incessantly washing clothes, and organizing organic meals. Few understand that a world minus Maybelline can be devastating. D.A. Colvin “gets it,” consistently putting vanity in perspective while offering numerous tips on how to make up without making yourself sick(er), along with product names. In easy, conversational prose, she laces the text with charming anecdotes from her own personal journey and includes absorbing chapters on the flawed values that underlie plastic surgery, the booby trap the beauty salon can be, and navigating Halloween and Christmas the toxin-free way.

In easy, conversational prose, she laces the text with charming anecdotes from her own personal journey and includes absorbing chapters on the flawed values that underlie plastic surgery, the booby trap the beauty salon can be, and navigating Halloween and Christmas the toxin-free way.

Two healthy thumbnails up, D.A.!

Blue Angel
Colvin writes from her heart and personal experience as someone who has made the realisation that the beauty products she formerly used were toxic to her and her environment. From society's vanity and conventions, through the author's own reactions, and finally to the solutions she has discovered, the author describes the shift she has made and encourages the reader to reconsider their world. Proposed alternatives include an introduction to plant essence cosmetics, along with recommendations of specific brands and an emphasis on the importance of quality. Are you an unquestioning user of conventional beauty products? -- this book may prompt you to make more conscious choices, and gives you a place to start. - Anonymous

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Pseudo Green Organic

We've made a horrifying discovery! We shop at two well known organic health food stores in the Continental USA. Their products are healthy and they provide helpful services to alternative people like my husband and myself who eat and use only organic chemical-free products. But their indoor air quality is atrocious! Many of their employees use toxic adulterated mainstream fragrance products and they stink of cologne and perfume. On top of that, they have posted note messages on the walls of their public restrooms encouraging customers to be as green as possible and be conservative. That's great and important, but the hypocrisy is that the restroom stinks of toxic adulterated "air poisoners", more commonly known as "air fresheners". Imagine that! One of the reasons we specifically shop at these organic markets is so that we can protect our health and be conscious consumers.

These organic markets do not sell the toxic poisonous fragrance products that the employees and restrooms
stink of, so they should make every effort to protect their indoor air quality. Unfortunately, both of these markets are corporate so the only way to convey an important message about indoor air quality is to talk with the CEO. All of us who take indoor air quality very seriously, especially those of us who are severely asthmatic and chemically sensitive, should find a way to send a loud strong message to these companies and create change! Please join us to create positive change NOW! Enough is enough!