Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Monday, December 9, 2013

Writing Is My Passion

Writing is my life's work and passion. I enjoy writing about things that are dear and important to me, such as herbalism, organic green living, kindness and compassion to animals and enjoying life's joys, especially laughter.  One thing you'll see in common with all my blogposts and articles is an emphasis on peace and love and contributing to the solution.  The reason for this is beloved activists such as Mother Teresa believed in focusing on the good and what can and does work, rather than what doesn't work, and sharing beauty and love and joy in order to demonstrate the wonderful possibility of things.  Something wonderful and magical happens when I write.  Whether my thoughts be personal or there to help humanity, I always feel good and at peace when I write.  It's important to me that my ideas and thoughts I write help people and inspire people to make positive changes in their life and when I hear and see the positive results of my shared thoughts, I feel good and thankful that the words I wrote contributed to something very positive.   I appreciate all my readers and I appreciate your listening and your genuine interest in my voice.  I appreciate and welcome all comments.  Thank you. Peace and Love

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Earth Friendly Gift Giving

This Christmas Holiday Season, give with the thought of helping your friend and loved one feel well, healthy, happy, and comforted.  Gift giving is best when focused on health, wellness, and kindness and respect toward Mother Earth.  One of the best most thoughtful gifts you can give someone this Holiday is one that is nontoxic, healthy, and earth friendly.  There are many types of gifts that fall into this category and my two favorites are paperless e-books and organic natural essential oils.  E-books are wonderful because all you need to do is download them onto your computer and read them on your computer or you can read them on your Amazon Kindle.  Organic natural essential oils are wonderful and healing and make very healing aromatherapy.  Organic essential oils are very special gifts for the loved ones in your life who are chemically sensitive and need something healing and soothing that is safe and healthy.    Essential oils like sandalwood, orange, patchouli, and peppermint are wonderful and have many healing uses in aromatherapy.  

One of the chapters in my book, "Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity," has wonderful suggestions for earth friendly nontoxic gifts and provides a helpful guide of companies that make wonderful safe earth friendly products.  Please visit my website: for more information.  You can also feel free to subscribe to my Green Living Newsletter for free and receive wonderful tips to enjoy frugal healthy green living and enjoy a warm safe nontoxic Holiday.  I will be publishing a special issue before Christmas with delicious healing recipes and tips for healthy green frugal living.  Please see information about subscribing on the right hand side bar of my blog.  Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and enjoy a safe, peaceful, healthy New Year and Merry Yule.