Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wondrous One

1 of my original poems from my collection...
Wondrous One
by Dayna Colvin
Copyright November 2012

Wondrous one, Oh, wondrous one
Where do you fly
To the teetering of the Mountain top
Where the Earth meets the Sky
Beckon thee, I beckon thee
Do you wish to roam
To the Evolution Beginning
Where you call your home
Wondrous one, Oh, wondrous one
I can see it now
Thru the Clouds of the Angel
Thru the Forests of Heaven's Bow
When in doubt, my wondrous one
Come see my Eyes with yours
For, I know now what you call your home
Let it sing and soar to the Shore.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Gratitude For Being A Wise Healthy Sober Mama

Mother's Day has always been a very special day for me because I celebrated with the 2 most important women mentors in my life, my Mama and my Grandma.  Sadly, my Grandma passed away 20 years ago due to the insidious ugly cigarette smoking addiction that hooked her, and my Mama couldn't process the grief so her therapist got her hooked on big pharma anti-depressant meds.  I miss them both and I feel tremendous painful grief and sadness that my dear beloved Grandma's addiction ate way at her and I feel sad that my Mama can't live without her meds and she can barely talk.  Thankfully, I inherited their beautiful wonderful healing Love and today, I'm a hard-working devoted Mama to my wonderful beautiful little 1 year old baby, Michelangelo.  He's growing into such an amazing, smart, adorable, funny little boy and he's truly magical.  

I smile when I look into his eyes and I see my beautiful eyes and smile in him.  Thank goodness, I'm Blessed and strong enough to not succumb to insidious vices and addictions that destroy the body.  Stress and anguish are part of my life, but I'm grateful for the comedy, entertainment, beautiful intimate moments with my dear husband and the sweet fun moments with my dear husband and baby boy to help me get through it.  Booze, cigarettes, and drugs have no place in my life and that will continue everyday that I Honor and respect the red lights of life, as well as my intuitive Inner Voice.  Happy Mother's Day to all devoted, caring, loving, nurturing, hard-working Mamas and may your life be filled with Peace and Love.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Compassion and Respect for Humans and Animals

Does anyone understand the power of the written word for conveying important messages like veganism and organic green living?  Why do people feel the need to share gruesome images of animal cruelty to get their point across?  I'm a writer and I use my writing to raise awareness.  My soon to be completed and published organic vegan cookbook is also a wonderful helpful tool to inspire and help people eat healthier and enjoy living lighter healthy more enlightened living.   When people share gruesome ugly images of animal cruelty on Facebook, it is very off-putting, upsetting, and very disturbing after enjoying the delicious wonderful meal that I worked very hard to make, Respect and compassion go both ways.  You know, on netflix, when something is gruesome, it can be blocked, but not on Facebook.  If I were to post gruesome images of dead  human bodies, I would be blocked.  What is the difference?  

Do we herbivores really want to be known and recognized for the gruesome images we share with the rest of the world or do we want to be known for the positive contributions we make everyday by the choices we make?  I've been a vegan for 20 years and if anyone knows the truth about factory farming and animal cruelty, it's me.  Over the years, I've learned that the best way to convey an important message and raise awareness is via written articles and essays and books.  Reading John Robbins' "Diet For A New America" and Dr. Michael Klaper's "Vegan Nutrition, Pure and Simple" informed me and inspired me to make healthy wise conscious choices and decisions.  I didn't need anyone to hit me over the head, so-to-speak.  I simply needed adequate information with facts to help me make an informed wise decision and seeing my family suffer from ill health contributed to my wise decision.