Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Friday, January 31, 2014

Healing Mother Earth

There are many disturbing, terrible, abusive atrocities being done to hurt Mother Earth and they are indeed heart breaking and sad.  I often sit and dwell on the ugliness in the world and the insanity of greedy humans who are thoughtless and continue to act without a second thought.  Thankfully, I have those moments when I meditate silently and listen to my Heart and my Soul and I'm reminded that I understand the problems in the world and the work that needs to be done.  I then breathe slow and deep  and ask myself what I can do to help heal Mother Earth.  

Mother Earth is a beautiful magical world and all her beings are precious, delicate, alive, and work in harmonious conjunction with each other.  Humankind strives to live in harmony as well, but it is the corporations that interfere with the healing peaceful love.  When I see all the beautiful natural wonders in the great outdoors, I'm in humble awe and I'm mystified with all its wondrous beauty and I feel such tremendous gratitude for being alive to feel, see, taste, smell, breathe, and experience it.  Mother Earth is my beautiful home and I feel tremendous humble gratitude for the opportunity and ability to live in harmony with her and do my best to live as healthy, gently, wise, and aware as I can, stepping as lightly as I can on her magnificent terrain.  

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When I silently gaze up at her tallest pine trees and watch the grass gently grow and blowing in the beautiful wind and the squirrels scurrying and playing up and down the trees and playing hide and seek with each other and the amazing beautiful sweet birds that fly and grace the sky with their wonderful beauty, I close my eyes and smile silently, graciously knowing that every step I take, every action and activity I do contributes to stepping lightly upon Mother Earth and contributing to a beautiful greener cleaner world.  

When I see a humpback whale and dolphin dance and jump out of the ocean water and I see and hear their wise innocent playful dance, I smile and cry tears of joy and feel tremendous love and respect for these beautiful sentient beings.  "How high will the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you'll never know." Colors Of The Wind by Vanessa Williams from Pocahontas, one of my favorite movies.

(Courtesy of Artist Aaron Labow 
Twitter @xTRFNx)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Triumph in Successfully Outgassing A Toxic Scented Chair

Recently, I made a wonderful discovery when I needed to outgas and decontaminate an office chair that stank very badly of toxic commercial detergent.  The chair was given to me and I couldn't breathe around it.  I didn't think I would be able to use it, but a wonderful miracle happened that delighted and surprised me.  I filled a spray bottle halfway with white distilled vinegar and a few drops of Young Living Essential Oils proprietary blend of Purification.  I then sprayed all over the top of the chair cushion and the seat more than six times and then I sprayed Mia Rose Orange Air Therapy all over the cushion and seat six times until I saturated the chair.  I gently sniffed the chair and I felt such a sense of relief knowing that the chair was now safe and would no longer make me feel ill from the toxic chemical exposure.  I could not believe how effective and powerful it was and I'm very thankful that I discovered it.   

Life is not easy for chemically sensitive canaries, but thankfully, there are natural, holistic, earth friendly, safe methods we can use to help make our lives easier and healthier.  To learn more about how you too can enjoy a healthy life free of toxic harmful chemical fragrance, please visit my website and read about my book I wrote, entitled, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity.  You can also read about it on Amazon Kindle.  Thank you for caring and thank you for your interest in enjoying a healthy, green, nontoxic life.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Say NO to Commercial Detergent for Earth Day and Everyday

Just say NO to commercial detergent for Earth Day and everyday!  Commercial detergent is one of the most toxic polluting products ever invented and it has no place in man's daily life.  According to Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Counsel, Sierra Club, and Heal The Bay, commercial detergent is very polluting and is one of man's products that is best not to be used.  In a recent article I wrote that was published in The Elephant Journal, Green Your Laundry and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Mother Earth, I explain and illustrate extensively why commercial detergent is toxic and polluting and can cause very serious harmful health illnesses.  Rather than emphasize the obvious toxic polluting problem, I will propose a strong solution.  Starting this Earth Day 2014, I encourage everyone in the USA and across the globe to just say NO to commercial detergent for one day.  If you are voting with your wallet and you're using only Seventh Generation, Planet, Ecover, or another safe biodegradable detergent, including vinegar and baking soda, then good for you.  I applaud your green actions and efforts and Mother Earth and I appreciate your green caring kindness very much.  

(Image: Courtesy of a friend's share on Facebook)

Just imagine what would happen if every city in every state in the USA and throughout the industrialized world were to replace all their toxic commercial detergent with nontoxic biodegradable products that are green and safe.  This includes all public laundromats, including apartment buildings.  The toxic polluting petrochemicals and irritants in commercial detergents are harmful to your health, the delicate eco-systems, and they are being dumped into lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans at an alarming rate, polluting all plant life and creatures that thrive in these bodies of water.  Let's just say NO to toxic commercial detergent and let's send a strong loud message to all the corporations that we've had enough of their insane greed and we're going to vote with our wallets to keep Mother Earth green and clean.  Are you ready to take a very important action step toward ensuring a future planet for your children and grandchildren?

Vote With Your Wallet and Just Say No To Toxic Greedy Corporate America

It's the 21st Century.  Why are you still patronizing corporations that are polluting the Earth and are putting your health at risk?  Unless the products are purchased at a natural organic health food store, every commercially manufactured product known to man that you use to clean your house, wash your clothing, help you feel more attractive, and clean the air inside your home were manufactured by faceless greedy corporations.  There is a lot to be said about enjoying a healthy, safe, nontoxic, green lifestyle and it's very important for the health of Mother Earth, including all the beings who inhabit her world, plant, animal, and humans.  

There are many important reasons to vote with your wallet and buy only nontoxic, green, healthy, safe products and one of the most important reasons is to not support toxic corporate America.  If the product is manufactured by a major conglomerate and the company is known for green-washing with no interest in the public's health or ecological health, the product is toxic and best left on the shelf and not purchased.  Going green is all-inclusive and includes everything we eat, consume, wear, use for cleaning, and everyday life.  What kind of future do you want your children and grandchildren to inherit?