Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Vote With Your Wallet and Just Say No To Toxic Greedy Corporate America

It's the 21st Century.  Why are you still patronizing corporations that are polluting the Earth and are putting your health at risk?  Unless the products are purchased at a natural organic health food store, every commercially manufactured product known to man that you use to clean your house, wash your clothing, help you feel more attractive, and clean the air inside your home were manufactured by faceless greedy corporations.  There is a lot to be said about enjoying a healthy, safe, nontoxic, green lifestyle and it's very important for the health of Mother Earth, including all the beings who inhabit her world, plant, animal, and humans.  

There are many important reasons to vote with your wallet and buy only nontoxic, green, healthy, safe products and one of the most important reasons is to not support toxic corporate America.  If the product is manufactured by a major conglomerate and the company is known for green-washing with no interest in the public's health or ecological health, the product is toxic and best left on the shelf and not purchased.  Going green is all-inclusive and includes everything we eat, consume, wear, use for cleaning, and everyday life.  What kind of future do you want your children and grandchildren to inherit?

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