Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mother Nature Has The Best Healing Medicine Cabinet

The day I became an herbalist was one of the most wonderful Blessed days of my life.  Herbs have been a profound integral part of my healthy simple life since I was a little girl and today, that passion has grown much stronger, especially as a wise Mommy.  Words cannot describe how wonderful it feels when I use and connect with wild healing herbs.  My favorite herbs are peppermint, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, oregano, thyme, spearmint, onion, chamomile, lavender, parsley, and dandelion.  These wonderful herbs have grown wild and have been used for centuries for healing medicine, organic green beauty, and everyday healing nutrition.  I use natural wild healing herbs in all the meals I cook and prepare everyday and the special relationship I have with them is profoundly magical.  My favorite aspect of using herbs is that they help me feel more connected with Mother Earth and I can feel the healing loving energy emanating from each herb.  When I peel and prepare garlic, I smile and close my eyes, enjoying the lovely wonderful healing aroma and I know that my body will feel good enjoying the healing energy from it.  

When I inhale and drink peppermint tea, I relax, knowing that the special healing energy of the peppermint is nurturing and nourishing my body and is working its magic to heal me and help me feel relaxed and calm and healthy.  I feel these feelings about all the herbs I work with and consume for healing medicine and I feel very deeply Blessed and thankful that these wonderful beautiful herbs grow and are available to provide the important healing medicine and nutrition that I need.  I also take heart and feel very thankful in knowing that these herbs have grown for centuries and will continue to grow for many more centuries.  I'm very thankful that I can grow and harvest them anywhere I live at any time. Mother Nature's medicine cabinet is the best in the world and is always a wonderful bountiful Blessing.

Easy To Be Healthy and Green

When I think about Mother Earth and the beauty of living green, I feel very deeply Blessed and grateful to know that I make great efforts to keep my carbon footprint small.  I've enjoyed a wonderful healthy green lifestyle for 20 years and now as a new Mommy, that passion and dedication has grown in tremendous strength.  My dear husband and I were born and raised on the same unhealthy toxic lifestyle that many children grow up with in the USA, including fast food, which we affectionately refer to as fast death.  We call it that because fast food contributes only to degenerative disease and is not conducive to enjoying good healthy and happiness.  Fortunately, we woke up one day and we have been avid committed label readers and conscientious consumers since the first day we began reading articles and books about the importance of enjoying a healthy simple lifestyle.

We made this important commitment more than 20 years ago and continue to do so, especially with our beautiful adorable wonderful child, Michelangelo.  There are many reasons we made the conscious decision to treat our bodies as temples and vote with our wallets and one of the most important reasons is that we felt sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Enjoying a daily healthy diet of organic non-GMO plant-based foods, natural herbs for healing medicine and using only organic green nontoxic personal care and cosmetics products on our skin and in our hair is something we value and hold dear and we are very thankful that we have maintained this strong commitment.  Many people say it's not easy to be green and we say it is very easy when you consider how much better and healthier you'll feel when you make this conscientious choice and stay consistent for several months at a time.  When you give healthy living a good chance to support your overall health, it begins to feel very good and easy to enjoy a healthy, organic, green lifestyle.