Monday, October 13, 2014

A healthy inner beauty wellness tip

A healthy beauty tip to soothe and energize your cells and make them happy...

Add a cap full of organic apple cider vinegar to your drinking water and drink throughout the day and when you need an extra healing boost of energy and your immune system needs a healing boost add an envelope of your favorite Emergen-C to your drink.  Gently stir or shake if in a closed bottle and drink throughout the day to feel well and happy.  Stay hydrated and drink water as often as you need to to stay well.  Instead of reaching for your daily cup of coffee, meditate and do some refreshing energizing yoga and enjoy some crisp fresh air and connect with Mother Nature.  My favorite high is a natural high and I enjoy that the most when I'm outside connecting with nature and deeply connecting with the beautiful green trees, the beautiful insects and wildlife and cuddling with my adorable sweet kittycat furry babies.  Laughter is another favorite that helps me feel good and helps me stay well.  After a difficult stressful day, I enjoy walking away from my computer and enjoying some light wonderful comedy to help me unwind for the night.  These are my favorite self-care enjoyment moments.

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 (My adorable sweet kittycat fur babies, Marble and his sisfur Cali)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vaccines and big pharmaceuticals do not prevent or cure diseases

I have been a wise holistic organic Mama for two and a half years and a holistic wise woman for 30 years and holistic organic living has been an integral part of my healthy lifestyle.  This hot debate over whether or not to vaccinate our children is causing tremendous division and the lack of awareness and knowledge of how toxic and dangerous vaccines are is very disheartening and disturbing.  My dear husband found a copy of The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean - an Anti-Vaccination activist, researcher and author, at a metaphysical bookstore 20 years ago and after reading it, he knew very clearly to avoid vaccines and the information makes total sense.  I find it very disturbing that because of fear and the need to listen to doctors with m.d. degrees who insist that vaccines are safe and recommended, many parents agree to have their children vaccinated without question.  I have been a holistic woman for 30 years and a holistic wise Mama for more than two years and I know intuitively what is healthy and best for my child.  In the 21st Century with so many lawsuits against big pharmaceuticals and children getting sick from vaccines and side effects from synthetic pharmaceutical medications, it's common sense to put our trust in Mother Nature and ancient wisdom instead of pills and vaccines that were created in a man made laboratory.  Just because a doctor wears a white coat and has a framed plaque on his or her wall announcing his or her success with earning a prestigious degree does not make him or her all knowing and infallible. 

Doctors are human and they make mistakes and they do not know everything.  Considering the fact that many are in the pockets of big pharmaceuticals is a very strong argument for not trusting them with our children's health and life and to believe otherwise is ignorant and narrow minded.  There are good doctors with degrees who are open minded and think outside the box and have alternative ways of approaching health and medicine,  Holistic naturopath doctors are wonderful, very wise, and very educated, and intelligent.  Thankfully, there is a growing renaissance of sage wisdom across the globe that is spreading like wild fire and more people are becoming disheartened with conventional medicine and making the smart switch to holistic medicine for all their health needs.  It is high time that we intelligent wise parents think for ourselves and come together with like minded Kindred Spirits who use common sense wisdom and put our complete trust in Mother Nature's medicine cabinet and just say no to toxic insanity and arrogant ignorance.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Organic Essential Oils are Wonderful Holistic Healing for Children and Mamas

I love organic sandalwood essential oil.  It is my favorite for soothing comfort and grounding Ayurvedic healing.  When I feel stressed and frazzled and I'm grieving, sandalwood helps to soothe me and relax me. That combined with gentle yoga asanas and meditation are very healing self-care for this Mama.  My teething toddler likes it too and he was having a crying teething meltdown this afternoon and I gave him a whiff of the lovely sandalwood aroma and I put chamomile oil on his cheek to soothe and ease his teething pain and he calmed down and enjoyed a sweet lovely restful nap.  Pure organic essential oils are wonderful for holistic healing.  I keep a bottle of peppermint oil in my purse and one in my drawer and a bottle of sandalwood and a bottle of sweet orange oil in my drawer.  I also keep a bottle of chamomile on the shelf in my son's room.  This combined with several drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy under the tongue and I feel soothed and relaxed.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mama's Yummy Organic Herbal Vegan Potato Stew Recipe

Mama's Yummy Potato Stew from my soon to be published organic herbal vegan cookbook
5 small organic russet potatoes
1 small organic zucchini, ends removed, rinsed, chopped
1 tbsp. organic carrot, ends removed, rinsed, chopped
4 tbsp. canned organic corn
2 tbsp. sweet yellow onion, peel and skin removed, rinsed, chopped
3 medium size baby portabella mushrooms, rinsed, chopped
4 tbsp. organic flax oil
6 tbsp. Bragg Liquic Aminos
2 heaping tbsp. Earth Balance
4 tbsp. organic ketchup (see recipe in "gravies, sauces, and dressings")
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
6 tbsp. extra light olive oil

Instructions:  If you are able to use 3 burners at the same time, it will help to save time and feed your hungry family sooner! :)  I do this for the very same reason.  Bring 2 medium size stainless steel pots of purified or filtered water to a rapid boil.  When the water reaches a rapid boil, reduce the heat to medium and in 1, pour in the chopped potatoes and in the other pot, pour in the carrots.  Stir evenly and allow the potatoes to cook for 20 minutes and allow the carrots to cook for 10 minutes.  On a 3rd burner, warm 6 tbsp. of extra light olive oil in a nontoxic nonstick fry pan on medium heat.  Pour in the chopped onions and stir evenly and allow to cook and sizzle for 10 minutes.  When the onions begin to soften a little, pour in the chopped mushrooms and squirt in a few drops of Bragg Liquid Aminos and stir thoroughly and evenly.  Check the potatoes and the carrots to see if they've softened more.  When the potatoes are soft and done, turn off the burner and thoroughly drain the water and when the carrots begin to soften, pour in the zucchini and stir gently.  Allow the vegetables to cook for 10 more minutes and when they are soft enough to eat, turn off the burner and thoroughly drain the water.  When the onions and mushrooms are soft and brown, turn off the burner.  When the potatoes and veggies are thoroughly drained, pour them into the fry pan and stir and mix evenly and thoroughly.  Add the remaining the remaining seasonings and stir evenly.  You might want to cool the dish a bit in the freezer, unless it's a chilly day and you will enjoy this yummy creamy warm dish.  Serve and Enjoy! :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Delicious Grilled Vegan Daiya Cheddar Tofurky Melt Recipe

Delicious Grilled Vegan Daiya Cheddar Tofurky Melt Recipe that my family loves from my upcoming soon to be published delicious vegan cookbook.

Grilled Daiya Cheddar Cheese melt with Smoked Tofurky, Avocado, and Tomato on organic vegan whole wheat bread

2 slices of your favorite organic vegan bread, lightly toasted
2 tbsp Original flavor Vegenaise, spread evenly
2 slices of smoked flavor Tofurky
2 tbsp soft ripe avocado, spread evenly. 

Instructions:  If you want to melt the cheese, pour 2 tbsp Daiya Cheddar on 2 slices of bread and toast or bake in the toaster oven at 275 or 300 degrees for 5 minutes.  Remove bread and Daiya Cheddar from the oven and put the sandwich together.  An easier quicker way to do make it is to use an OrGreenic non-toxic non-stick ceramic pan and all you have to do is grill on medium or 5 or 6 on an electric burner for 5 minutes until toasted brown on each side.  This sandwich is great for busy stressed Mamas who need a quick delicious nourishing sandwich for their children.   Serve and Enjoy!

A Holistic Organic Makeover for my blog

You may notice that I've given my blog a holistic organic makeover.  I've decided to give my blog a fresh beautiful new look that will help everyone feel good who visits and I want my visitors to stay and browse and read my helpful tips and enjoy your visit.  My focus is now completely on my being an organic wise Mama in every sense.  Everything I do to care for my little 1 with natural holistic remedies, my yummy homemade meals and my healing delicious smoothies and herb teas will be shared on this blog as tips and how-to recipes.  Very soon, I will be finished compiling my delicious vegan cookbook and I will begin sharing delicious recipes to tempt your taste buds and help you enjoy making healthy simple stress-free meals.  Holistic living is a way of life for my family and will always be our healthy focus.  I will share all the wonderful important things we do to stay healthy, well, and happy to help you and your family stay well, healthy, and happy too.  I welcome comments, questions, ideas, suggestions.  So, please don't be shy.  We organic wise Mamas need to be there for each other as a supportive holistic healing community tribe.  Thank you for taking the time to visit and enjoy!  Peace Love Gratitude, Dayna

Monday, July 7, 2014

An Offer For My Herbivore Vegan Cookbook You Cannot Refuse

Hello everyone who has expressed interest in my upcoming cookbook, "Wise Mama Herbivore Cookbook." I'm really excited and hoping to finish it very soon and I know you are excited and some of you are excited and just can't wait and some of you have said that you are going to tell all your friends and as much as I would love to give copies away and get my message to everyone, I can't do that.  But I have come up with a win/win idea and I've tossed it around and I'm prepared to give copies away to everyone who has expressed interest, but there is a catch.  You tell 5 or more of your friends and family and I will add them to a waiting list.  When I release the book and they have made the purchase and I have verified their purchase, I will give you a FREE copy! Fair enough? Let me know what you think and if I get enough responses, I'll do it!