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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Say NO to Commercial Detergent for Earth Day and Everyday

Just say NO to commercial detergent for Earth Day and everyday!  Commercial detergent is one of the most toxic polluting products ever invented and it has no place in man's daily life.  According to Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Counsel, Sierra Club, and Heal The Bay, commercial detergent is very polluting and is one of man's products that is best not to be used.  In a recent article I wrote that was published in The Elephant Journal, Green Your Laundry and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Mother Earth, I explain and illustrate extensively why commercial detergent is toxic and polluting and can cause very serious harmful health illnesses.  Rather than emphasize the obvious toxic polluting problem, I will propose a strong solution.  Starting this Earth Day 2014, I encourage everyone in the USA and across the globe to just say NO to commercial detergent for one day.  If you are voting with your wallet and you're using only Seventh Generation, Planet, Ecover, or another safe biodegradable detergent, including vinegar and baking soda, then good for you.  I applaud your green actions and efforts and Mother Earth and I appreciate your green caring kindness very much.  

(Image: Courtesy of a friend's share on Facebook)

Just imagine what would happen if every city in every state in the USA and throughout the industrialized world were to replace all their toxic commercial detergent with nontoxic biodegradable products that are green and safe.  This includes all public laundromats, including apartment buildings.  The toxic polluting petrochemicals and irritants in commercial detergents are harmful to your health, the delicate eco-systems, and they are being dumped into lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans at an alarming rate, polluting all plant life and creatures that thrive in these bodies of water.  Let's just say NO to toxic commercial detergent and let's send a strong loud message to all the corporations that we've had enough of their insane greed and we're going to vote with our wallets to keep Mother Earth green and clean.  Are you ready to take a very important action step toward ensuring a future planet for your children and grandchildren?

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