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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Pseudo Green Organic

We've made a horrifying discovery! We shop at two well known organic health food stores in the Continental USA. Their products are healthy and they provide helpful services to alternative people like my husband and myself who eat and use only organic chemical-free products. But their indoor air quality is atrocious! Many of their employees use toxic adulterated mainstream fragrance products and they stink of cologne and perfume. On top of that, they have posted note messages on the walls of their public restrooms encouraging customers to be as green as possible and be conservative. That's great and important, but the hypocrisy is that the restroom stinks of toxic adulterated "air poisoners", more commonly known as "air fresheners". Imagine that! One of the reasons we specifically shop at these organic markets is so that we can protect our health and be conscious consumers.

These organic markets do not sell the toxic poisonous fragrance products that the employees and restrooms
stink of, so they should make every effort to protect their indoor air quality. Unfortunately, both of these markets are corporate so the only way to convey an important message about indoor air quality is to talk with the CEO. All of us who take indoor air quality very seriously, especially those of us who are severely asthmatic and chemically sensitive, should find a way to send a loud strong message to these companies and create change! Please join us to create positive change NOW! Enough is enough!

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