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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Toxic Caffeine Addiction

Everyone needs their morning cup of java to kick-start their day. It's become as common a daily ritual as showering and brushing your teeth. People cannot seem to survive the daily stresses without having that vital cup of coffee in their hand. It seems that whether surviving a stressful day on the job or at home, a cup of coffee is the main elixir that keeps the human motor running. If you even suggest that a person try a coffee alternative or try one day without drinking it, the dramatic reactions would have you thinking they're taking drugs. It's not the delicious flavour and aroma that have everyone running for a refill. It's the caffeine that permeates every bean.

I've personally consumed a cup of caffeinated coffee and a cup of alternative coffee from a health food store that had zero caffeine in it and the difference is astounding. A nervous person like me cannot consume any amount of caffeine because it's terrible for the heart and nerves. Caffeine is found in coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and various bottled energy-boost drinks. Studies have shown that even the coffee products that are advertised as containing zero caffeine do in fact contain small trace amounts of caffeine. This is significant for people whose nervous systems cannot tolerate any amount of caffeine. There are ways to get a quick energy boost without dosing your body with caffeine. A navel orange is a great quick boost with instant Vitamin C. Check your local health food store for various alternative non-caffeinated coffee products. You won't get the caffeine jolt, but you'll enjoy the same flavour and your heart will appreciate it.

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