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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Healthy Vegetarians and Vegans Don't Need Fast Food

Although I love animals dearly, I made the decision to go vegetarian primarily for health and environmental reasons.  The ample information health experts and advocates shared with me was enough to help me make a very healthy wise decision.  My newfound friends and the health experts I listened to encouraged me to eat healthy plant-based foods that were organic and whole and non-denatured.  The next step was vegan and I'm happy to say that to this day, I'm a healthy happy organic vegan and I'm very grateful for the choices and decisions I made.  

One of the vital decisions I made was to vote with my wallet and only contribute to those businesses that genuinely care about the planet, the animals, and the humans.  I am adamantly opposed to supporting corporate America, especially those destructive monster chains that have their talons in every country in the world!  One of them is McDeath and to my chagrin, there are activists who, oddly enough. support them and are encouraging others to support them.  

I recently read a couple tweets celebrating their so-called "kindness toward chickens" and some "green work they're doing".  I feel like I'm in the twilight zone here!  Why on Earth would anyone with common sense support a monster that's contributing to the destruction of every species on Earth; plant, animal, and human?  The green rumors are "greenwashing" and this rumor being spread about their supposed "kindness" toward chickens is ghastly and absurd!  Considering their menu of fast toxic death mixed in with tasteless cardboard and flavored with laboratory created substances that when mixed together, could create a bomb, there is nothing benevolent about their menu.

Instead of encouraging newbie vegetarians and vegans to eat fast death, why not support the animals, Mother Earth, and personal health?  Respecting the animals and being a voice advocate for them is wonderful, but adapting a vegan diet is also very much a health and environmental choice.  It's very hypocritical to advocate a plant-based diet, respecting the animals, and at the same time voting with your wallet for fat cat monsters.  There is no self-respect, honor, dignity, or empowerment in such decisions.

In the year, 2010, there are a bounty of wonderful healthy organic vegetarian, vegan, and raw restaurants in every city throughout North America and abroad.  There are also a bounty of wonderful organic health food stores and certified farmer's markets where people can empower themselves and make conscious honorable purchases with their wallet.  Please support conscious aware companies that support Mother Earth, the animals, and the humans.  Vote with your wallet and let your voice be heard and make a positive contribution!

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