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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Decluttering Is Important For Good Health and Peace of Mind

One of the activities that make moving very stressful and difficult is packing and moving your belongings from one address to another. My dear husband and I have had to endure this several times and it's very stressful and draining. The more belongings you have to pack and move, the more stressful and exhausting your move will be. Unfortunately, many of us tend to accumulate a lot of things throughout our life and it becomes very difficult to let it go, especially the sentimental things. Although packing is an important part of moving, it's wise to consider de-cluttering your life and making a strong effort to minimize the amount of things you own. Here are a few tips to consider when de-cluttering:

1. Have you used the item in the last six months?
2. Is the item clean or can it be cleaned efficiently for use?
3. How many of the item do you have?
4. Is the item necessary or is it weighing you down as extra clutter?
5. Is the item going to contribute to your health and happiness?

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If you haven't use the item in the last six months, chances are you won't use it, so, it's wise to sell it or donate it. If the item cannot be cleaned efficiently, it's wise to throw it out and forget about it. Unless you're collecting for a special event or occasion or it's part of your special collectibles, it's wise to donate the excess items. If the item is just weighing you down and does not serve a purpose, it's wise to donate, recycle, or discard it. Having excess clutter adds to the stress in our life and prevents us from moving forward and enjoying healthy happy lives.

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  1. This is a good checklist for people like me. I have a really hard time getting rid of stuff.