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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Natural Holistic Herbs Are Safer Than Big Pharma Baby Medicine

My sweet adorable beautiful 10 month old little boy has entered a painful teething phase and it's exhausting.  I connect and communicate with wise Mamas online throughout the world asking them for advice to help my baby and they've been very caring, kind, and loving with their kind sweet advice.  My husband and I bought several popular homeopathic and holistic natural remedies that are supposed to bring relief.  They are very helpful and healing.  Unfortunately, The poor little Cherub is having a very difficult painful time.  As his Mommy who Loves him and cares about him so very much, it's not easy to watch him suffer through this.  We are totally 100% holistic herbal and are not supportive at all of anything synthetic made from big pharma medications OTC or prescription.  We asked his pediatrician for some helpful suggestions and he suggested Baby Tylenol.  We weren't thrilled with the idea, but as an absolute last resort if our sweet adorable son, Michelangelo is miserable and nothing works, we thought maybe we can give him some kind of pain killer to help him feel better.  

Well, we thought about this until we went to the pharmacy and saw the terrible medications being sold.  We were aghast by what we saw.  There was a bottle that contained a moderate amount of big pharma synthetics, but we were relieved to see there were zero toxic petro-chemicals in it.  Then, we looked at another bottle and it showed 2 ingredients, which we found to be very suspicious.  We couldn't find the extensive list of ingredients, so we consulted with the pharmacist and she told us to peel back the label and sure enough, there was a long list of toxic ingredients, including propylene glycol, which is found in anti-freeze, and several F.D.&C's, artificial food dyes that contain coal tar, which is essentially petroleum.  We were mortified and disgusted and we cannot believe that any self-respecting physician who has any integrity would prescribe or recommend that a parent give these medications to their young children.   Personally, I put my trust in Mother Nature's medicine cabinet before I put my family's health and safety at risk with these toxic medications.  Wouldn't you?

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