Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Organic Wise Mama

As an eco, holistic, wise Mama in the 21st Century, I cannot unknow what I know to be true.  I am thankful to have a beautiful, healthy, happy, baby son and a wonderful dear husband, and it pains me to have to be a fighter in such a toxic world, yet I do it because it is my responsibility as a Mother, an Earth Steward, and a citizen of Earth.  The day I learned that my adorable beautiful three year old toddler son is autistic, my heart sank and I cried for hours in disbelief and heart-break.  Thankfully, he is very healthy and strong and happy and he has tremendous potential for learning, growing, and developing.  He is very playful and sweet and he has the most wonderful laugh and smile; I love to smile and laugh with him.  Thankfully, I think for myself and I know in my heart and Soul what is true and I know for a fact that this polluted toxic world we live in is the cause for my dear sweet son's autism.  The combination of all the toxic synthetic fragrance I was exposed to when I was pregnant, during my painful 18-hour labor, and all the toxic pollution exposure to synthetic perfumes, chemtrails, and vehicle emissions thereafter is a toxic soup that will make anyone sick, especially sensitive people like myself and my dear son. 

I'm trying to write this without crying, but it's very difficult to do that with what I know.  I try not to spend hours focused on the problem, feeling distraught about it.  I feel very angry and heart-broken that my child's future has been robbed.  But the good news is that strong, passionate, devoted, eco, holistic, warrior Mamas like me still have a fighting chance to make a positive difference and it can be done.  Nothing is impossible.  In addition to making our own healthy sensible choices in our personal lives that affect Mother Earth, we also have the power to help our friends make sensible healthy wise choices.  It's very simple.  If you know someone who is using commercial detergent that you know is toxic and is going to pollute the groundwater and make their family sick, lovingly show them how to replace it with 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar.  Lovingly show them how to make their cosmetics healthy and organic and vote with their wallets. 
While the problem seems insurmountable, all it takes is the willingness and desire to make the right choice and help each other.  There is no reason for any of us to suffer needlessly.  If we truly want to stop the greedy corporations from robbing our future and destroying life on Earth, we must make the change now and vote with our wallets.  Our children depend on us to make healthy wise choices and educate others to do the same.  Our children have the right to breathe clean air; we all share the same right.  We can do this and we must do this now. Please join me in making simple healthy sensible choices that are healthy, green, nontoxic, and organic, and are compassionate to Mother Earth.

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