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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Holistic Self Care For Wellness Survival

One thing that I have learned over the years, especially now that I'm a Mother of a special needs child, is that it's important now more than ever to take time out for me and give myself the gift of extra tender loving care gift of self-care. It's important now more than ever for me to do things that help me feel good and keep my physical, emotional, and spiritual energy up so I can cope better and reduce my stress level.  I've always enjoyed watching comedy and laughing, eating delicious healthy food, fresh clean air, connecting with nature, meditating, enjoying a soothing cleansing hot bath and shower.  But now as a hard working Mother, with all the stress in my own life, and then add the stress of the hectic complicated world we live in, self-care is vital for survival and maintaining sanity and peace of mind.  When I am enduring a painful emotional meltdown with my special needs son and I feel like I can't stop crying, I'm reminded that taking a deep breath, counting to 10, doing some gentle yoga stretches, and enjoying eating some delicious healthy organic vegan chocolate or leftovers of a delicious organic vegan dish I made will help me feel better and relax.  This is an important part of being self-sufficient.  I love my son, even though he drives me crazy, and I need to stay healthy and well for my sake and his and my dear husband's sake.  Feeling bad is low toxic energy and feeling good is positive high healing energy.  When I feel good, I feel inspired and motivated and I feel like I am capable of doing many things.  I feel creative and I feel that lightness feeling of joy and sweetness and I feel balanced and good about myself as a person, a woman, a Mama, a Soul.  

When I'm having a difficult day and I feel stressed, distressed, and I feel like nothing is going well, I stop, take a deep breath, cry it out, and I remind myself to do what feels good and helps me feel better.  I recommend this approach to all sensitive creatives who are working hard on their writing, artwork, music, painting, drawing, cooking.  If you feel like you are having an emotional meltdown and nothing is going smoothly and you feel stuck, breathe, count to 10, close your eyes and meditate and do something that helps you feel better.  Sometimes, we just need to stop and pause, go do something else that helps us feel better and more centered and regroup.  I've had to take this approach many times when writing my books and articles and editing.  It is very helpful and very effective.  I welcome your feedback and insights. Please feel free to post and share your comments and thoughts.
Much Love Gratitude Blessings,

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