Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Special Affinity For Mother Nature and Her Beautiful Animals

I've had a special affinity with Mother Nature and her beautiful animals since childhood and they are truly my best friends.   When I'm outdoors exploring and enjoying Mother Nature's wonders, I smile in amazement and awe.  When I take walks or sit on the grass with my dear husband, butterflies, squirrels, beautiful large birds and adorable small birds move past us with such swift grace and we're delighted by their presence.  The delicate Magickal beauty of a colorful butterfly captivates our attention and makes us smile.  When I take a close look at the delicate details of a butterfly, I'm humbly amazed by the profound delicate details of the colors and I'm in awe admiration of its freedom.  
                             Butterfly Photo Courtesy of Kerri Farley
                            Kerri Farley's Wildlife Photography Blog

When I quietly watch a frog and gently lovingly hold it in my hand, I watch its subtle bodily motions and listen to its gentle songs.  I talk to it very softly and feel tremendous humble gentle love for it and assure it that I will protect it and keep it safe.  When I sit and stand next to a beautiful tall tree with its beautiful Magickal green leaves and brown branches growing in natural synchronicity, I smile and feel tremendous gratitude that my carbon footprint is very small and I make a genuine effort to keep my life as green, healthy, and wise as possible.  Mother Nature is a wonderful Magickal artist and I'm grateful that the beautiful colorful flowers, green grass, and bees are free to live their natural wild synchronistic lives with freedom.  I'm grateful that my personal choices in my life and the actions that I take do not hurt or infringe upon the delicate lives of these Magickal magnificent creatures.

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