Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Seeking Community

My dear husband and I are looking for a non-smoking vegetarian non-religious intentional cooperative community with acres in the Continental USA 100 miles from the nearest nuclear reactor and New Madrid and San Andreas earthquake fault lines. We prefer to join a self-sufficient community that's already formed that has a clean spring as a clean source of water, a healthy thriving organic vegetable garden, herb garden, fruit groves, and is either currently using off-grid alternative green energy or is working toward that as an immediate goal. It's very important that we like-minded Kindred Spirits come together to live together in cooperative communities and work together toward common goals and intentions. We have 2 cats, our babies, and we prefer to live in a community where the other members have animals living with them and animals are a beloved part of the family. 

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In this day and age with all the unsettling uncertainty of Earth changes, corona mass ejectas solar flares (CME's) and the uncertain shaky geo-political climates, it is very important that we come together and live together in a cooperative communal manner and help each other survive the coming changes.  Please visit for more information on CME's.  If you know of anything like this, please contact me and send me an e-mail so we can discuss it further. Thank you. Peace and Love.

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