Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kindness and Generosity of Spirit

Kindness is a true virtue that since time immemorial has been a precious priceless gift, yet today in the 21st Century, it's become very rare.  Generosity of Spirit comes from kindness and a caring kind loving Heart is the Source of all this Magickal Beauty.  It's very sad that in this era of strife, struggle, and stress, kindness and generosity of Spirit is very rare and when it's found, it's a precious gift to be cherished and appreciated.  It's very sad that animals treat each other better than humans do.  Humans treat each other worse than wolves.  Kindness is often given primarily to family and people we know and the Christmas Holiday is when kindness is at its peak, though it's very superficial and not genuine.  Humanity has become very mechanized and detached and if a person isn't sipping a cup of coffee, he or she is considered to be an oddball.  It's very sad that in the 21st Century people have become very rigid, cynical, and jaded and mistrust is all too common.  People need a cup of coffee, refined white sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and their electronic gadgets just to cope, feel good, and be able to cope with and tolerate each other.  I know from personal experience that it's very difficult to know whom to trust, especially when you've been trespassed on and violated and abused, but as much pain and horror as I've suffered, I still manage to have Love in my Heart and Care and want to help others.  

Animals and children are wonderful teachers of kindness and generosity.  When treated well, Loved, and Cared for, they are very loving, gentle, caring, innocent, kind, and very affectionate.  It's not in their Nature to be harsh, cruel, and unkind.  Children learn to be harsh and unkind from their parents and other adults in the world with whom they interact.  Perhaps if we adults would take occasional moments to remember our humble roots and all the natural innocent inherent Beauty and Love we received from our Loving Caring parents and gave to our friends, perhaps we would then smile and stop being so unkind to each other and be like the young children we used to be and Love today.  "Put a little Love in your Heart." Jackie DeShannon

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