Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Gratitude For My Talent and Ability For The Written Word

As an organic green natural living writer author, I use my written words to express and convey my important innermost thoughts and ideas.  Natural organic green living is utmost important to me and my family and I express this passionate belief in all my books, articles, and blog posts.  I've been a creative writer since age 10 and I've been told by everyone I know that my writing is special and unique and is a great method to convey and express my thoughts.  This started 20 years ago when I'd take a walk with my husband along the sidewalk for a calming evening to wind down the day and to my chagrin, I'd see dozens of trash cans lining the street filled with things that could have easily been reused or recycled.  This was before I knew the apathy and lackadaisical attitude of the average consumer.  It angered me and distressed me to no end and rather than scream in the middle of the street and throw my fists in the air, I decided it would be best if I expressed my feelings on paper.  The result was three great informative articles explaining the "3 R's" - reduce, reuse, recycle - "Scents: Sexy or Not So Sexy," and "Air Fresheners Vs. Non-Toxic Earth-Friendly Aromatherapy."  

I have always done my best to express my thoughts and feelings in a constructive productive manner.  I admit I still feel angry and frustrated at times, but fortunately I'm Blessed with the gift of the written word and my words always manage to convey my thoughts in a creative healthy manner.  The best part about it is that my readers enjoy reading what I have to say and I receive much positive feedback and gratitude for sharing my knowledge.  This is priceless and for this I'm very grateful.  Thank you readers for caring, your genuine interest, and participating in the positive solution to keeping Mother Earth healthy and green, especially for future generations.  As a new Mama, this is very important to me and every action I take today is to protect my son's health and his future.

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