Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Holistic Wellness Selfcare is Vital for Life

Self-care has become a vital necessity in my life.  Self-care is not just about everyday living and survival.  It's more than having the strength and energy to get through my day and cope with all of life's challenges.  I prepare delicious healthy meals so I feel good and healthy throughout the day and week. I drink healthy clean water so that I stay hydrated and stay well.  I get plenty of rest and meditate so that I stay well and centered and grounded and I have the physical and mental energy I need to take care of myself and my wonderful beautiful family.  I never truly understood self-care until the day I became a Mother and I truly understood the need for me to take extra tender loving great care of me.  Self-care is exactly as it sounds.  It is a very important wonderful daily process of giving myself the extra gentle tender loving care, love, and respect I need.  It includes everything, including how I brush my hair and my teeth, how I bathe, keeping my indoor air clean and healthy, and enjoying a lot of much needed laughter and loving, tender, caring, cuddles with my dear, sweet, wonderful husband, our adorable beautiful toddler son, and our adorable, sweet, cuddly two cats, our furry baby furry friends.  I am very thankful that at my age today of 45 years, I maintained and kept to my important conscious healthy decisions to treat my body like a temple and keep it healthy and happy.  

There is no coincidence that I feel and look the way I do at 45 years.  I am a healthy nonsmoker, nondrinker, I am a holistic herbalist and I don't even take over the counter bigpharma meds for anything.  I prefer to meditate and rest instead of consuming caffeine.  I'm green and organic from head to  toe.  I am not bragging.  I am very thankful, blessed, and happy for all my important healthy life lessons of wisdom.  I invite you to join me on this journey of holistic self-care healing wellness and you can start by following me on Twitter and Facebook and joining my FREE Organic Wise Mama Newsletter for great #tips #organic #holistic #selfcare #vegan #recipes #foodie #gifts.  Just sign up on the right-hand side of my blog here to the right on the top and enter your name and your email address to receive your special holistic healing self-care gifts.  Please share my newsletter and my blog with your friends.

Much Love Gratitude Blessings Peace,

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