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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint On Mother Earth

10 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint On Mother Earth:

1.  Go vegan.  Did you know that with the amount of water used to produce 1 hamburger, you could float an entire battleship?

2.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  We all need to simplify our lives, reduce our consumption, and recycle.  Consider buying some of your clothes, books, and knick knacks at a secondhand thrift store.  You'll contribute to less manufacturing and a reduction of energy usage.  You'll also be reducing or eliminating the need for toxic polluting landfills.

3.  Go organic and non-GMO.  Eating foods that are organic are healthier, safer, taste better, and are much gentler to Mother Earth.

4.  Ride a bicycle.  Riding a bicycle requires no fuel and requires very little maintenance and it's very good healthy exercise.

5.  Carpool.  Each vehicle that has more than 2 passengers is 1 less vehicle contributing to traffic gridlock and polluting the road and the environment.

6.  Green your hygiene, cleaning, and cosmetics products.  Beauty and cleaning products that contain 100% natural organic plant essences are safe, healthy, and require the use of zero toxic polluting petro-chemicals.

7.  Buy your fruits, herbs, and vegetables from a local certified farmer's market or grow your own garden.  When you buy locally and grow your own, you're contributing to far less dependence on oil in shipping and production.

8.  Use natural organic herbs instead of big pharma meds.  Herbs are safe and gentle and they have no dangerous side effects.

9.  Compost.  Composting is a great non-toxic effective way to fertilize the crops and enrich the soil.  You may find a few wonderful surprise volunteers sprouting up.

10.  Organic aromatherapy.  The safest healthiest non-toxic way to keep the air clean and healthy is to use non-toxic organic plant essences.  Lemon, tea tree, (Melaleuca) lime, and orange are great and anti-microbial.

What's your favorite way to keep your carbon footprint small?


  1. Hello! As a family we follow a veggie diet {hard one for the hubby sometimes}, recycle, reuse items when we can {glass jars, etc..} and always try to look for something used instead of buying new through thrifting or Freecycle, organically and locally, grow a garden, compost, buy in bulk, unplug electric appliances when not in use..I guess I could go on.. but I think I've written more than just my favorite way to reduce our footprint{s}! It's all good!! :) Love your blog! Really nice posts!


  2. Hi Helisa,
    That's great! Good for you! It's always great to connect with people who are making a genuine effort and great strides in contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you for the lovely comment.

    Warm Wishes,