Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The History of Wildcrafting For Healing and Survival

According to history, many centuries ago, before the Industrial Revolution, men, women, and children were self-reliant and developed a healthy relationship with nature and an understanding of the various healing properties of herbs and plants.  There were no factories, office buildings, big pharma meds, or medical doctors to consult with for advice.  They learned quickly how to identify wild plants and healthy ways to create natural healing mixtures and remedies for beauty, natural medicine, and various needs.  Wild trees and plants like sandalwood, peppermint, mint, lemongrass, tomatoes, parsley, patchouli, mustard, lavender, and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) grew in abundance and provided a beautiful vast natural outdoor laboratory for learning, work, and exploration.  

Today, many people continue this popular lovely practice.  Many men, women, and children live in self-sustaining intentional cooperative communities that function completely off the power grid and they learn how to survive and enjoy everyday life in a completely organic earth-friendly manner, relying completely on Mother Nature's bounty.  These bright self-reliant people learn how to create healing infusions, tinctures, organic cosmetics, natural healing medicinal potions, ointments, and salves and they are very healthy, happy, and peaceful.  The ability to enjoy a life that is completely self-reliant and self-sufficient will help you to feel very empowered, strong, and wise.  Which wild herbs and plants do you enjoy wildcrafting?

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