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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Chlorinate Your Swimming Pool - Ozonate It

Everyone's favorite summer activity is swimming in a pool. Nothing can compare to swimming in a cool refreshing pool on an oppressively hot summer day. It was my favorite pastime on long hot summer days and there were days my mom had to coax me to get me to take a swimming break. The one downside to this was the uncomfortable unhealthy aftermath my lungs suffered after being exposed to heavy amounts of chlorine. After swimming for several hours, I'd feel tired, but even worse, my eyes would be red and sting for hours and I'd have to a cool wet cloth on my eyes. I'd then have to rinse my eyes several times for relief.  My skin, hair, and swimsuit would stink of chlorine and I always had trouble breathing. Chlorine is the worst thing you can use to disinfect your swimming pool. Studies have shown that chlorinated water has been linked to cancer and breathing problems, such as asthma. There is nothing natural, sensible, or safe about using chlorine to disinfect and clean your water. It takes quite a bit of time to air out your swimsuit after it's been exposed to chlorine.

There are natural healthy alternatives to chlorine and they're more effective at disinfecting the water. One of these alternatives is known as an Ozonator. It's a cool technological device you install in your swimming pool to ozonate the water, naturally disinfecting and purifying the water with no risk of allergies, side effects, or health problems. It's safe, odorless, and effective in protecting everyone's health. Now, you can enjoy a nice swim without compromising your health. There's plenty of information about this online.  Do you think it's time for public swimming pools to be more earth-friendly and non-toxic, especially for people who suffer from breathing problems?

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