Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My favorite healing holistic selfcare

I feel very deeply thankful for gentle, healing, holistic self-care.  When I feel distressed and need comfort, I enjoy listening to Yanni's beautiful healing soothing music and relax with deep breathing and diffuse my favorite organic essential oils into the air.  My favorite organic essential oils for self-soothing are sweet orange, earthy sandalwood, and a lovely Ayurvedic blend, called Vata aroma oil.  As a sensitive Vata dosha, I need a lot of self-soothing and comfort to help me feel better when I feel tired, stressed, and out of ease and the lovely aromatherapy blend always calms and soothes me.  It's true what is said that music soothes the savage beast and healing new age music always soothes my Soul, as does yoga, Tai Chi, and enjoying laughter with my favorite comedy.  Cuddling with my sweet, adorable, beautiful kittycats also soothes and comforts me and the lovely combination of all these wonderful healing self-care soothers does a great deal to relax me and help me feel centered, happy, and well.  Slowing down also helps and when I meditate and rest, I begin to feel more healing energy and I feel renewed.  Enjoying a lovely soothing hot bath soak and hot cleansing shower are beautiful and healing, especially with soothing, beautiful, sweet, organic essential oils in the air.  I feel very deeply thankful for gentle healing holistic self-care. 

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 (My adorable sweet beautiful kittycats)

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