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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Commercial Detergent and Commercial Deodorizers Are A Toxic Mixture

Have you seen the recent commercial depicting gospel singers singing about the divine uplifting fragrance of a popular commercial detergent mixed with a very popular commercial deodorizer?  In the 21st Century, this is by far the most toxic mad idea thought of yet and they think that by using gospel singers to sing their praises of it, it's wonderful and divine.  The truth is to the contrary.  It's common knowledge that #commercial #detergent contains #toxic #petrochemicals, #irritants, #phthalates, and many other toxic things that can potentially cause #Cancer and other painful illnesses.  When you add a well known popular #commercial #fragrance #deodorizer to the mix, you have a #toxic witch's brew that is overwhelming and hazardous to all walks of life, especially young children and the #delicate #ecosystems and #wildlife.  Please see the following links to very informative websites that contain very important information that all families need to know and please share and spread the word.  Breathing healthy, safe, clean indoor air and outdoor air is very important!

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