Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
Love For Mother Earth

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sign the petition to protect Oregon Eco Systems and Wildlife from Harmful Man Made Noise and Sonic Assault

Shhh, what do #peace and #quiet mean to you? Do you hear beautiful natural bird, wind, and cricket sounds? Are these natural beautiful sounds drowned out by overpowering toxic man made noises that are destroying the sound scape? Are you able to enjoy gentle quiet moments while relaxing and connecting with Mother Nature?  Are these horrible man made noises and ground-pounding thumping thudding interfering with your peaceful quiet enjoyment and disrupting the natural life cycles of the ecosystem and wildlife?  


Are you tired of savoring those moments of peace and quiet after a stressful week, only to have it painfully rudely disrupted by inconsiderate selfish individuals who have no respect for the law or other people's need for #privacy and #solitude?  Does it take hours to soothe and comfort your baby to sleep and only to have it rudely set back so that you have to repeat the exhausting process all over again?  We all have our right to our own personal private space that we need to honor and respect in each other.  Please join #citizens throughout the state of #Oregon to say "enough is enough" and take back our much deserved right to peace and quiet and traffic safety.  Please sign this #petition and tell your friends!  Thank you!

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