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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tasty Ayurveda Potato Stew Turmeric

I made this delicious dish today and it came out much better than I hoped.  It's a pacifying dish for sensitive vata doshas in Ayurveda because I added 1/2 tsp. of turmeric to help with the painful inflammation my dear husband and I have in our bodies.  The potato is one of our favorite foods and it's one of my favorite foods to use when cooking.  The following is my delicious recipe.  Enjoy and happy healthy organic vegan Ayurvedic cooking.

Potato Stew with Turmeric
5 medium size organic potatoes, ends removed, chopped
1 C asparagus, hard stalk ends removed, rinsed, chopped
1/2 organic cauliflower, rinsed, chopped
2 tbsp. onion, peel and ends removed, rinsed, chopped
1/2 C organic sweet peas from a can
1/2 total Bragg Liquid Aminos - parts used in segments
1/2 C olive oil
2 tbsp. organic flax oil
1/2 tsp. onion powder
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. thyme powder
1/2 C crimini and baby bella mushrooms, rinsed, chopped

If you are able to use 3 burners to save time, do so.  I do and it helps a lot.  If not, then, do the best you can.  Bring two medium size pots of filtered water to a rapid boil - 1 a pot filled halfway with 4 inches leeway from the top and the other pot filled with filtered water enough to cover the steamer a little bit.  When both come to a rapid boil, pour the potatoes into the 1st pot and the cauliflower and asparagus in the 2nd pot.  Reduce the heat to medium and cover the steaming veggies with a lid but allow a tiny bit of steam to escape so don't cover entirely. Stir the potatoes so they cook evenly and allow to cook for 20 minutes. Allow the veggies to steam for 15 minutes. 

On a 3rd burner, pour the olive oil in a nontoxic nonstick pan and heat on medium until it begins to sizzle and then add the chopped onions.  Stir evenly and allow to cook for 5 minutes, then squirt in 4 tbsp. of Bragg Liquid Aminos and continue stirring.  When the onion begins to soften, pour in the chopped mushrooms and add the sweet peas.  Continue stirring until it is cooked and mixed evenly.  When it is cooked and ready to eat, turn off the burner.  When the potatoes and the veggies are soft and tender enough to eat, turn off the burners and drain the water.  If you have a large enough colander, you can drain both at the same time.  Once the water is thoroughly drained, pour the entire mixture into the pan with the remainder of the dish.  If it's a hot day, you may want to chill the dish for 10 minutes in the refrigerator or freezer so it's cool enough to eat, but that's up to you.  Otherwise, stir in the oils and seasonings and mix well.  Serve and enjoy your delicious healthy meal.

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