Indian Dolphin Hug

Indian Dolphin Hug
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I Wish To Collaborate With Visionary Creative Holistic Organic Writers Artists Win Win

I wish to attract and connect and collaborate with lovely, inspiring, positive, loving, creative, visionary, holistic, organic, vegan, and vegetarian artists and writers bloggers who care deeply passionately about the air we breathe and believe in creating solutions to keep their carbon footprint small on Mother Earth and want to work together help each other win/win support each other and create projects together with mutual love care kindness respect, especially with social media. I'm a hard working indie and I need all the loving caring kind help I can receive right now.  I'm a holistic organic vegan visionary writer of fiction and non fiction. I write nature and spirit inspired poetry. I'm a songwriter. I design and make beautiful beaded jewelry made with semi-precious, (amethyst, lapis, lazuli, malachite) glass, and recycled beads and I sell them in my Etsy shop.  And yes, I'd love to be published traditionally and if someone does fall in love with my writing and feels very deeply passionate about and believes in my mission to help humanity, the planet, and the animals and there is any possibility of bypassing the traditional conventional linear publishing process to expedite it, let's talk!  The picture of me below is me holding my delicious vegan cookbook that is available on Amazon Kindle and Createspace paperback.  I also wrote an organic beauty book, also available on Amazon Kindle and Createspace paperback.  I wrote two environmental adventure novels with a taste of romance.  I'm a writer, constantly writing.  Please post your comments below, email me, tweet to me, like my fb author pg, follow me on twitter, let's please connect, thank you.  Blessed Be.  Much Peace Love Blessings Gratitude.
Thank you,
Much Love,

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