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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Addiction To Synthetic Toxic Fragrance Is Out Of Control

The addiction to synthetic toxic fragrance is out of control.  You'll find fragrance in perfume, shampoo, deodorizer, (or what I refer to as air poisoner) lotion, detergent, even carpet shampoo.  It's gotten to the point where when I step outside and I am forced to breathe those nasty toxic poisons, I can't distinguish between the smells.  The smells give me a headache, make me feel very dizzy and ill, and I have to bolt back inside my home just to breathe safe clean air.  Last night, I went into the kitchen to check on my laundry, and feed my cats and I felt overwhelmed by an overpowering smell of fragrance.  I ran back to my bedroom to catch my breath and I had to cover my face with my pillow just to breathe!  It was awful!  I then took a shower and I even smelled it in the shower!  It occurred to me that someone nearby was shampooing their carpet or something similar, but I realized that I'd have to wait it out and hope for the air to clear.  I'm grateful that the indoor air in my home is clean and healthy.  

This is the painful plight of all asthmatics and chemically sensitive canaries like me.  This is the reason I have a portable washing machine that I hook up to the kitchen sink because I cannot share a washing machine with any mainstream person who uses toxic commercial detergents.  I believe in "living simply so that others may simply live," Gandhi.  I'm a very simple, plain, down-to-earth woman and I don't need my clothing, my home, and my person to smell like a proverbial perfume factory in order to smell and feel good.  I keep my life as green and simple as possible because I care about the air I breathe and I care about the environment and the wildlife.  For more information on how to live a fragrance-free life and protecting your health, please visit my website:

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