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Indian Dolphin Hug
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Mom's Wonderful Homemade Organic Lemon Aromatherapy

When I was a young girl, my Mom did the most unusual amazing thing to clean the indoor air.  She'd run the garbage disposal and gently throw in a few whole fresh lemons cut into wedges and let the water run.  The natural lemon aroma filled the air of the entire house and smelled wonderful and beautiful!  I remember this as if it were yesterday!  She never sprayed any kind of synthetic deodorizer around the house to deal with odors or germs.  She didn't believe in throwing away her money on such nonsense.  She did the lemon aromatherapy in the kitchen at least three times a week and everyone who was in the house loved it!   She did this with oranges and limes too!   I used to think it was a bit odd and unusual, but thinking back to the indelible memory makes me smile at her creative ingenuity and down-to-earth simplicity!  I'm very deeply grateful for the wisdom my Mom imparted to me as a young girl and it's largely because of her that I'm so down-to-earth.


  1. I can almost smell the aroma of the fruit as I read this blog, ahhh! I have been using reed diffusers and soy candles for aromatherapy, but I find reed diffusers don't quite do the trick for me. Especially with regard to lavender which I love because it relaxes and helps for a better night's sleep.

    What would you suggest for those of us who do not have a garbage disposal? I would love this as a wonderful alternative to burning my soy candles, as they can be rather costly and I often go "soy-candleless."

    Thank you so much D. for sharing your lovely memories and priceless tips with us!

  2. HI Debra,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the blog post. I understand how you feel. I personally prefer to use simple organic aromatherapy. I don't even use a diffuser. I simply pour a drop in the palm of my hand, rub my palms together and allow the essence to permeate the air. It's easier, simpler, and very effective and efficient. Please let me know if that helps. Thank you for your lovely comment.